Think before you eat and help save our environment!


Think, Eat and Save  – is the theme of World Environment Day 2013.

Why we must think before we eat?

“Annam Parabrahma Swaroopam”  is the age old saying in India, which literally means Food is the other form of almighty, who gives us strength.  Its essence is that we must treat food with due respect, as it is considered main source of energy for ones physical needs.

food-waste-green-hotels-paris-gavarniBe aware – One third of the food produced is wasted worldwide.

As per UNFAO – UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted. Almost same amount of food is produced in the sub-Saharan Africa.  One in every seven people go to bed hungry, and more than 20,000 children under the age of 5 die from hunger every day.

Governments are struggling to ensure food safety for every citizen, and every citizen has a role to play in helping governments reach goal of ensuring food safety. Each grain of food saved is food produced.

How we must tr”eat” food?

Buy groceries only needed for your needs for a shorter duration, because most of raw food is rotten or spoiled due to pests even before it is cooked or processed for consumption.

Order only what you or your family can.

When you are trying new variety, start with small quantities.

109Plan well for any functions and get confirmation from the guests who are actually will be present, so optimal quantity of food can be prepared and food wastage can be reduced.

Don’t plan extravagant dinners, as elaborate/extravagant dinners are not only burdens your pocket but also the environment.

Teach your children to share food, so they know how not to waste food.

Buy local food produce, this greatly reduced strain on environment both in terms of economy and transportation.

Find alternatives to energy requirements, rather than using food produce as an alternative for fuels. This greatly effects food security, considering land, water, resource requirement for ever increasing demand for fuel worldwide.

What to save?

Throwing food accounts to one third of the total production worldwide.  Saving every grain is producing food. Lot of resources such as land, water, human effort, time are extensively used in producing everything we consume for our energy. Use sparingly and save remaining for those in need on the otherside of the planet.

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